The Wake 98: RIP

POW-MIA flagOctober 7, 2013, marks the seventieth anniversary of a day that lives in infamy for the Wake Family. Today we honor the nearly one hundred American civilians who were cut down in cold blood on the north beach of Wake Island at the hands of their Japanese captors. They were young and old, married and single. Some men had large families and deep roots; others were vagabond workers with deliberately shallow roots. None deserved to die the way they did.

Rest in peace, Wake 98.

Abbott, Cyrus W. Jr.   Oakland CA

Allen, Horace L.         Sacramento CA

Anderson, Norman A.            Portland OR

Andre, Roland A.       Pendleton OR

Anvick, Allen E.         Eureka CA

Baasch, Carl A.           Oakland CA

Bellanger, George C.  San Francisco CA

Bowcutt, Don R.        Oakland CA

Boyce, Dave M.          Hastings NE

Cantry, Charles A.      Las Vegas NV

Carlson, Stanley A.     Portland OR

Cavanagh, Allen A.    San Francisco CA

Chambers, David S.    Grants Pass, OR

Chard, Donley D.       Pomeroy WA

Church, Carlton G.     Robles Del Rio CA

Cormier, Louis M.       Washington DC

Cox, Karl L.                Asotin WA

Cummings, David E.  Santa Cruz CA

Cunha, James A.         San Francisco CA

Davis, Joseph R.         Spokane WA

Dean, George W.        Payette ID

Dobyns, Harold L.      Weaverville CA

Dogger, Martin H.      San Francisco CA

Dreyer, Henry M.        Aplington IA

Dunn, Joseph M.         Boise ID

Fenex, Jack A.            Cody WY

Flint, Howard A.        Idaho Falls ID

Fontes, Glen B.           Boise ID

Forsberg, Floyd F.      Van Nuys CA

Francis, Dale G.          Costa Mesa CA

French, Albert P.         San Francisco CA

Froberger, Lawrence   Alton IL

Gerdin, William P.      Little Falls NY

Gibbs, Charles A.        Los Angeles CA

Goembel, Clarence R. Los Angeles CA

Haight, Ralph E.         Winfield IA

Haines, William H.      Boise ID

Hansen, Vernon L.      Wahoo NE

Harris, George             Redwood City CA

Harvey, Wilbur C.       Portsmouth NH

Hastie, Frank               Charleston WV

Hettick, Howard L.    San Bernadino CA

Hochstein, Ernest A.   Newberg OR

Jensen, George A.       Parlier CA

Jones, Alfred A.          San Bernadino CA

Keeler, Ora K.             Waterloo IA

Kelly, Martin T.          Roseburg OR

Kennedy, Thomas F.   San Francisco CA

Kidwell, Charles A.    Alton IL

Kroeger, Woodrow     Nampa ID

Light, Rolland E.        Boise ID

Ling, Henry C.            Honolulu TH

Lythgoe, Gene              Selah WA

Marshall, Irving E.      Lowville NY

Martin, John                Pomeroy WA

McDaniel, James B.    Los Angeles CA

McInnes, Thomas L.   Tacoma WA

Migacz, Frank             West Allis WI

Migacz, Melvin           West Allis WI

Miller, Irvin E.            Price ND

Mitchell, Howard H.   Duchesne UT

Mitchell, Wayne E.     Duchesne UT

Mittendorf, Joseph F. Mayer AZ

Mueller, Carl W.         Long Island NY

Myers, Richard B.       Clarkston WA

Olmstead, Clifford A.   Millville CA

Pease, Gordon H.        Midwest WY

Pratt, Archie H.           San Francisco CA

Preston, Donald W.    Lewiston ID

Rankin, Morton B.      Caldwell ID

Ray, William H. Jr.     Downers Grove IL

Reynolds, William H. Brightwood OR

Robbins, Sheldon G.   Los Angeles CA

Schemel, Charles M.   Uniontown WA

Schottler, Herman       San Francisco, CA

Shank, Lawton E.       Angola IN

Shepherd, Orbin R.     Portland OR

Sherman, Glenwood   San Jose CA

Shriner, Gould H.       Sioux City IA

Sigman, Russell J.       Idaho Falls ID

Simpers, William T.     Wapiti WY

Smith, Charles E.        Grant FL

St. John, Francis C.     Liberty IL

Stone, Willis C.           Honolulu TH

Streblow, Alvin L.      Wisc. Rapids WI

Stringer, Wesley W.    Grants Pass OR

Susee, Arthur J.           Hillsboro OR

Tart, Lacy F.               Raleigh NC

Thompson, Glenn H.   Cadiz OH

Tucker, Earl E.            Gold Hill OR

Vancil, Vernon            Snyder CO

VanValkenburg, RW  Oakland CA

Vent, Glen                  Modesto CA

Villines, Charles M.    Boise ID

Williamson, Frank E.  Alameda CA

Wilper, Redmond J.    Boise ID

Woods, Charles           Lockland OH

Yuen, Harry TK          Honolulu TH