The sea water is the wonderful part. It is warm, 80 degrees, limpid, clear and incredibly blue. Each degree of sunlight gives it another shade of blue and it is so clear one can see bottom plainly at 60 ft. depth. And full of fish of all colors and shapes.
Harry to Katherine, Wake Island, January 10, 1941

Building for War

The Epic Saga of the Civilian Contractors and Marines of Wake Island in World War II
By Bonita Gilbert

Published by:
Casemate Publishers

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Building for War

Building for War: The Epic Saga of the Civilian...

Where is Wake Island?

Where’s Wake? You can see it near center top of...

Hiding on Wake

Among the memoirs penned by Wake survivors is...


History opens new doors all the time if you go knocking. I chose history as my academic focus years ago, have an MA in history, and taught college history courses for years, knocking on those doors all along the way.

My M.O. is: open your eyes and mind to the past, recognize new perspectives in history, and reconsider the present in new light. History does matter.

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Hiding on Wake

Among the memoirs penned by Wake survivors is one written by Logan “Scotty” Kay in 1971 titled “By the Dawn’s...

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Unburied Treasure

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