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FRS donor info The JPAC Wake Island mission began three years ago with the discovery of a group of human remains on the north beach. The location of the discovery and determination that the remains were Caucasian pointed to the massacre of American civilian contractors on October 7, 1943. While JPAC’s forensic anthropologists have studied the remains in their lab at Hickam AFB in Hawaii, I have been pursuing the families of the 98 to find qualified donors for DNA reference samples. Family members submit DNA samples to the military Central Identification Laboratory at Dover AFB, which then forwards the results to JPAC. We remain hopeful that matches will be found for lines drawn from the remains collected from Wake Island.

JPAC’s DNA donor diagram is appended to this post. The mitochondrial DNA line follows the mother of the deceased and passes down through females to subsequent generations. Nuclear DNA can be found in any living children of the deceased. Y-chromosome DNA passes through the paternal, male line.

With about a dozen cases still pending, I am nearing the end of my contribution to the JPAC mission. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate living family members and/or qualified DNA donors for another twenty of the men who died on Wake Island in 1943. I will list their names below and include some information about them in the hope that someone out there may recognize a name and be able to help. Please contact me at


Abbott, Cyrus William, Jr., born 5/25/1912, a plumber, single, lived in Oakland CA, arrived on Wake about November 1941. Parents: Cyrus W. and Eva (Slavich) Abbott Oakland CA, siblings: Elizabeth C. and Harold F. Abbott.

Allen, Horace Lester, born 5/8/1913, a welder, married, lived in Sacramento CA, arrived on Wake about November 1941. Spouse: Vera Jane Allen; father: William Allen; mother Maude Raines (remarried) of Sacramento, CA; siblings: Cecil P., Paul E., Lois M., and Willie L. Allen.

Baasch, Carl Alfred, aka Alfred Karl Baasch, born 5/28/1901 in Denmark, emigrated in 1922, a carpenter, single, lived in Oakland CA. Only known relative is brother, Hans H. Baasch.

Bellanger, George C., born 11/5/1904 in New Jersey, a tug operator, married, lived in San Francisco, arrived on Wake in May 1941. Merchant seaman in Pacific and Caribbean during 1930s. Spouse: Elizabeth Bellanger (remarried Muller); father: Degan Bellanger.

Cantry, Charles Arthur, born 6/6/1903 in Oregon, divorced, a carpenter, lived in Las Vegas, arrived on Wake about October 1941. We have contacts and information on his family but unable to identify a qualified DNA donor. Only possibilities are in distant families of father: Charles Owen Cantry, or mother Anna Louise (Goatcher).

Cavanagh, Allen Alonzo, born 2/22/1905, a carpenter foreman, married, lived in San Francisco. Spouse: Viola S. Cavanagh, mother: Caroline L. (Nonneman) Ward of Salinas CA, brother Roy T. Cavanagh.

Dogger, Martin Henry, born 11/9/1888 in Netherlands, emigrated about 1913, a carpenter, married, lived in San Francisco. Spouse: Agnes Dogger of California, no other known relatives.

Harris, George, born 5/10/1904, a carpenter foreman, married, lived in Redwood City CA. Spouse: Francis Harris, children: Richard and Bernice.

Harvey, Wilbur Clough, born 9/29/1892 in New Hampshire, an engineer (ship), single, lived in Portland OR. Parents: John I. and Alice Mary (Clough) Harvey, sister: Annie (Harvey) Hodgdon.

Ling, Harry C., born 1/22/1913, head laundry operator, married, lived in Honolulu. Spouse: Elizabeth K. Chun Ling of Honolulu, daughter Louise Ling.

McDaniel, James Benjamin, born 11/9/1903 in Tennessee, a cobbler/diesel plant operator, divorced, lived in Los Angeles. Ex-wife: Ura Mae Knief (remarried), children Gloria, Roberta McDaniel, step-daughter Marjorie; parents: Benjamin and Lola or Lulu (Robertson) McDaniel, siblings Francis A. and Albert A. McDaniel.

McInnes, Thomas Laertos, aka Laertos Thomas McInnes, born 8/7/1893, port captain, married, lived in Tacoma WA. Spouse: Susie (Morey) McInnes and earlier marriage to Margaret Hoffman; parents: John S. and Anna D. McInnes; siblings: Dora G., John, and Elizabeth McInnes.

Mueller, Carl Wilhelm, aka Karl Wilhelm Mueller, born 7/28/1900 in Germany, a baker, single, lived in Long Island NY. Worked on Matson Line passenger ships in Pacific in 1930s. Only known relative is an aunt, Joannah Erbsmehl.

Myers, Richard Beverly, born 12/2/1900, a carpenter, married, lived in Clarkston WA. Spouse: Gladys E. Myers of Clarkston WA, no other known relatives.

Olmstead, Clifford Anicel, born 6/16/1901 (approximate year), a heavy equipment operator, married, lived in Millville CA. Spouse: Mabel Olmstead of Gridley CA, parents Herbert and Cora (Stutsman) Olmstead, brother Stanley D. Olmstead.

Ray, William Henry, Jr., born 10/29/1907, grading superintendent, single, lived in Downers Grove IL, arrived on Wake in May 1941. Parents: William H. and Mary Wells Ray of Downers Grove IL, brother: George.

Sherman, Glenwood Harold, born 3/10/1902 in Logansport IN, a welder, married, from San Jose CA. Spouse: Gladys Sherman, possible children Daniel, James, and Marshall Sherman, possible earlier marriage to Gladys Marie (Shoup) with children Robert E. and Walden D. Sherman. Parents: Charles F. and Aletha (Scott) Sherman, brothers Russell J., Charles, and Daniel H. Sherman.

St. John, Francis Carl, born 8/17/1905, a mechanic, married, lived in Liberty IL, arrived on Wake in July 1941. Unable to verify any relatives. Widow Mrs. F. St. John gave postwar address in Pascagoula MS.

Stone, Willis Charles, born 1/10/1912 (approximate year), a chef, single, lived in San Francisco and Honolulu. Only confirmed relative is an uncle, John O. Cadenhead, Sr. of Greenville MS, possible parents Charles C. and Anna (Cadenhead) Stone.

Woods, Charles, born 9/14/1902, a carpenter, married, lived in Lockland OH, arrived on Wake in about October 1941. Spouse: Mary O. (or G.) Woods of National City CA, unable to confirm any other relatives.

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  1. I am the daughter of David Edgar Cummings who is buried in Hawaii. I just learned of this site. I’m glad to see that these 98 men have not been forgotten. Thank you so much.