2017 Reunion photos

Here are some photos from the final Wake Island Reunion in Boise, September 8-9, 2017. Many thanks to Pati Bradstreet and Polli Buzzini (Alice’s daughters), Seth Randal (creator of the documentary film “Workers of Wake”), Terry and Karla Barnes (grandson of Robert “Tex” Lancaster), and Ron Olson (my brother and the son of Ted Olson) for these photos. I will add more as they come in.


  1. Wonderful photos, amazing event. Many thanks to all of those who who put so much dedication, hard work and love into all of the reunions.

    • I completely agree, Patricia. And huge thanks to Noah Barnes (pictured in the opening photo with the two survivors) for his hard work, dedication, and love in designing and placing the wonderful Wake Island memorial in Boise’s Veterans Memorial Park in 2011 as his Eagle Scout project. The Wake Family honors him, your extended family, and most of all, his great-grandfather Loren Hance, who died as a POW and never made it home.