The sea water is the wonderful part. It is warm, 80 degrees, limpid, clear and incredibly blue. Each degree of sunlight gives it another shade of blue and it is so clear one can see bottom plainly at 60 ft. depth. And full of fish of all colors and shapes.
Harry to Katherine, Wake Island, January 10, 1941

Building for War

The Epic Saga of the Civilian Contractors and Marines of Wake Island in World War II
By Bonita Gilbert

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Casemate Publishers

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Building for War

Building for War: The Epic Saga of the Civilian...

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More About Wake Rosters

Blue BookBlue-book-color-changed Here is a full PDF copy of the Wake Island “Blue Book” with a corresponding page of notes and corrections. I have also posted rosters for all civilians and military personnel at the start of war on Wake in December 1941.

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